Eyebrow Design and Shaping

Discover how nationally acclaimed eyebrow specialist Melanie Engle can create the perfect eyebrow for you.  Eyebrows can be a womans most flattering feature.  The brow can easily be shaped to highlight her best features and create balance to the face. 

Known as the Non-surgical Facelift, this service will open up the eye area creating a beautiful lifting effect creating a more youthful effect.   It's amazing how a woman can so drastically change her appearance just by properly shaping her eyebrows. 

To design the perfect brow shape for each client, Melanie takes into consideration facial features, look, and lifestyle.  She can tweeze, wax, tint, and trim eyebrows to perfection. 

Melanie's Best of Philly award-winning eyebrow treatment features aromatherapy wax.  Relax with this creamy and hydrating lavender wax that also leaves your skin soft and smooth.  Click here for waxing tips.

Consultations are always complimentary.